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Refugee Resettlement

Through the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC), which was approved as a resettlement agency, the process of bringing refugees to Reno has begun, and thru the Outreach Committee, St. Patrick's is joining the effort.

First the commitee voted to plege $3,000 for use in resettlement of refugees in northern Nevada. Now St. Patrick’s has joined with other Episcopal churches in the diocesan Northwest Mission District in this effort – Tr inity in Reno, St. Paul’s in Sparks, and St. Catherine’s in south Reno – to sponsor a Kurdish family of six (parents with four children) from Syria that will be arriving by October.

Meet Our Family:
The family's last name is Yaqub. The father is Muhamed, age 37; the mother is Aisha, age 33; three daughters: Rozhva age 9, Rosem age 8, Lujain age 2; and a son Adrian age 5. We hope to have a picture soon.

For more information:

If you wish to donate to this program, you can put a check made out to St. Patrick’s in the offering plate on Sundays, or the box outside the church office. Be sure to put “resettlement of refugees” in the memo line.

Feedback from our family's welcome: "The social worker told us the family was overwhelmed with it all, and that the mom said that she was so touched by all that so many people have done for her family that she is going to put all the terrible things that happened in the past behind her and live for today and tomorrow."

Update 10/24/16: The Yakqub family is doing fine. The girls are in school, Adnan will be assessed on Nov 11th for autism. ELS classes for Muhamed and Aisha are being arranged. This will be a home class four days a week.

Celebration Party for Refugee Families: St. Paul's, Sparks, is hosting a party Sat 12/17 at 6 pm for the refugee families resettled in Reno/Sparks with the support of St. Pat's and three other Episcopal churches plus other groups with the Northern Nevada International Center.

Please come and meet the nine Refugee families who have come to Reno/ Sparks. See who they are, where they come from, and what being in the USA means to them. Bring finger food from the country of your ancestors. Bring enough to share with about ten people. No pork or alcohol please. If you bring meat know that Syrians eat Halal meats.

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