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                                                Academic year 2015-2016

Incline Elementary School has a very large population of students who come from homes where no English is spoken  and they live at the poverty level.  All research indicates that if a child is not reading at grade level by the time they are in third grade they will drop out of school and not only fail to succeed but will get in trouble.  They often wind up in prison.  Prison officials plan the need for additional cells in 10 year  by projecting forward the number of children who are not proficient in reading by third grade.

You have the gift of fluency in English.  Most of these children need individual help during the school day because they have no one at home to help them. Their parents love them and work hard to provide for them but cannot help with English. We are recruiting volunteers who are fluent in English to help the children learn to read in English proficiently.  If you will devote  an hour and 15 minutes once or twice a week at the Incline School  to  work with a few of the children, they can succeed. 

Volunteers are needed at Incline Elementary School  on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm and on Wednesday from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm.

You choose the day  or days of the week you are available and  Leslie Blunden will assign you to work.  Leslie or Sharon will  designate specific children and materials for you to work with.  The child will read to you and you will help with pronunciation but most importantly with comprehension.  They can often sight read but do not fully understand what they have read.  You simply ask them questions as you go along to determine if  they are understanding what they read.  And of course, you compliment them on their progress.

We are very fortunate to live in beautiful Lake Tahoe either all or part of the year.   The children who live in our community need your help. 

We will be holding another  orientation  session in early  October at the school  to explain the program in detail.    After attending the orientation session you can sign up to volunteer.  You can fill out an application and availability form now or at the time of the orientation.Sara Howard, School Counselor, at Incline Elementary will process your form.

Sara Howard can be reached via email at SHoward@washoeschools.net  The Incline Elementary School is at the corner of Village and Northwood in Incline Village. Tahoe Family Solutions provides the professional staff for the Homework Help Club.  Leslie Blunden is the program director. Her phone number is 775 298 0204 or reach her via  email at leslieB@tahoefamily.org      She will confirm the day and time of your assignment and will assign the specific children you are to work with.

The teachers at Incline Elementary are requesting more volunteers for their students.  You will enjoy watching their  progress throughout the year.  We invite you to be part of this award winning program.  You will be an English speaking role model and can make an enormous difference in the life of a child.  What could be a more joyful use of your time than helping a child learn to read.