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Lectors and Chalice Bearers

This Sunday's Lessons (Year C)
(When there are multiple readings for a Sunday, choose those marked with (*).)

The current Sunday reading inserts are printed with two versions of the readings. We use "Track One".
Eucharistic ministers and lectors are communicants who serve in a ministry of the word and sacrament as lectors (readers) and/or eucharistic ministers during our worship services.

Eucharistic ministers are authorized to administer the bread and wine at eucharist when there are insufficient ordained persons present to administer communion; Chalice bearers are authorized to administer the wine. We also have two lay readers who are authorized to lead services of the word when priests are not available. These ministries are under the direct supervision of the rector. Chalice bearers, eucharistic ministers, and lay readers must be licensed by the bishop. Eucharistic visitors (EVs) are also ministries under the direct supervision of the rector and licensed by the bishop. EVs take communion directly from a Sunday service to those in the hospital or homebound. They are not authorized to take out the sacrament at any other time.


If you are scheduled for the intercessions, when you get to church on Sunday, retrieve the prayer notebook from the bottom shelf of the table at the back of the sanctuary (where the basket with the bulletins is) and include those prayers at the appropriate places in the form that you have choosen.


The first lector reads the first reading and leads the congregation in the Psalm. The second lector reads the second reading and leads the prayers of the people.

Chalice Bearers

Either or both lectors might also serve as chalice bearers, or the chalice bearers might be other persons. Check the schedule to see what assignments have been made.


If you are unable to take your part on any Sunday, it is your responsibility to find a substitute from any of the names at the bottom of your copy of the schedule.

After you have arranged for a substitute, click the mailbox below and sent the information. This on-line schedule will be updated.

The Schedule

Year B
Date 8:00 Service 10:00: 1st lesson,
Psalm, & Chalice
10:00: 2nd lesson,
Intercessions & Chalice

Epiphany 1 01/07 Clare N Cindy B (Judy M)Marsha T
Epiphany 2 01/14 Beth D Sally HClare N
Epiphany 3 01/21 Chuck M Nancy R (Viki W)Karen B
Epiphany 4 01/28 Beth D Connie SGary T

Epiphany 5 02/04 9:00 ONLY Marsha TSally H
Epiphany Last 02/11 Beth D Clare NMonica R (Viki W)
Ash Wednesday 02/14 12:00 Chuck M 
Ash Wednesday 02/14 5:30 Clare NMarsha T (Connie S?)
Lent 1 02/18 Chuck M Gary TCindy B (Viki W)
Lent 2 02/25 Beth D Karen BConnie S

Lent 3 03/04 TBD Monica R (Viki W)Marsha T
Lent 4 03/11 Marily G Sally HClare N
Lent 5 03/18 Chuck M Cindy B (Judy M)Karen B
Palm Sunday 03/25 Beth D Connie SGary T
Maundy Thursday 03/29   Beth DSally H
Good Friday 03/30   Karen BMarilyn G
Holy Saturday 03/31   Clare NConnie S

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