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Offering Counters

Counters count the offering after each service.


Please remember to stay after the service; this is an important ministry. If you cannot cover your scheduled service, please arrange a trade or substitute. After any change in schedule, please send the details via email to website@tahoeepiscopal.org (you can click the mailbox on this page also) so that this schedule gets updated.

Thanks for your time and help.

The Schedule

Date Sunday 8:00 AM Sunday 10:00 AM

8/06 Alice B Bob SLen T
8/13 Marilyn G Gary TKaren B
8/20 Chuck M Viki WBob S
8/27 Beth D Karen BLenty H

9/03 Alice B Gary TViki W
9/10 Marilyn G Vii WKaren B
9/17 Chuck M Lenty HBob S
9/24 Beth D Karen BLen T

10/01 Alice B Karen BLen T
10/08 Marilyn G Gary TLenty H
10/15 Chuck M Gary TBob S
10/22 Beth D Karen BViki W
10/29 Chuck M Len TKaren B

11/05 TBD Gary TLenty H
11/12 Marilyn G Len TBob S
11/19 Chuck M Viki WGary T
11/23 Thanksgiving Karen BLenty H
11/26 Beth D Karen BBob S

12/03 TBD Len TViki W
12/10 Marilyn G Karen BLenty H
12/17 Chuck M Gary TBob S
12/24 Beth D Len TKaren B
12/24 Christmas Eve 5:30 (?) Viki WBeth D
12/24 Christmas Eve 10:30 (?) Karen BMarilyn G
12/31 Chuck M Gary TBob S

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