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Altar Guild

Do you like to set a fine table, with just the right fresh linens, color coordination, and flowers? That's what our altar guild does for every Sunday and other feast day and celebration.

The Altar Guide is the ministry of preparing the maintaining the vessels and vestments used at the altar. Members are trained and assigned particular Sundays and feast days as their responsibility.

The ministry is open to men and women. If you would like to learn more about the responsibilities of this ministry, contact the office.


Dates Saturday Set Up Sunday Between Services Sunday After 10:00

12/02, 12/03Beth D Beth D Monica R
12/09, 12/10Marilyn G Marilyn G Viki W
12/16, 12/17Marilyn G Jim H Marilyn J
12/23, 12/24Marilyn G Beth D Marilyn J
12/24 Eve5:30 (?) TBD TBD
12/24 Eve10:30 (?) TBD TBD
12/25 Day10:30 (?) TBD TBD
12/30, 12/31Jim H Marilyn G Emy G

01/06, 01/07Viki W Jim H Monica R
01/13, 01/14Viki W Beth D Viki W
01/20, 01/21Viki W Jim H Emy G
01/27, 01/22Viki W Beth D Sally H

02/03, 02/04Jim H / Beth B Jim H Monica R
02/10, 02/11Jim H / Beth D Beth D Viki W
02/14Ash Wednewday TBD TBD
02/17, 02/18Jim H / Beth D Jim H Emy G
02/24, 02/25Jim H / Beth D Beth D Sally H

03/03, 03/04Marilyn G Jim H Monica R
03/10, 03/11Marilyn G Marilyn G Viki W
03/17, 03/18Marilyn G Jim H Emy G
03/24, 03/25Marilyn G Beth D Sally H
03/29Maundy Thursday TBD TBD
03/30Good Friday TBD TBD
03/31Holy Saturday TBD TBD