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Top Ten Reasons to Buy Your Niche in the Tahoe Memorial Columbarium—NOW!


10. You aren’t getting any younger. No, really. And although most of us (all of us?) want to defer, delay, or outright avoid thinking about the disposition of our remains after death, most of us are clear about our wishes right now.


9. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Advance purchase of a niche in our columbarium will not only give you peace of mind. It will also relieve your friends and family of decisions and financial concerns at a difficult time.


8. Your resting place will be as unique as you are. The nondenominational columbarium at St. Patrick’s is Lake Tahoe’s only indoor resting place for cremated remains.


7. This serene site will welcome your family and friends year-round. Located on the ground floor of the church, the columbarium is accessible by key-pad entry 24x7, year-round. A stained-glass window frames the natural beauty surrounding the columbarium (a peaceful name from the Latin, meaning “home for doves”).


6. Your love of Lake Tahoe will forever be part of your remembrance. Those who gather in your name will always be connected to the joy and beauty of this special place that you loved.


5. St. Pat’s congregation will regularly lift your name in prayer. At All Saints’ Day and in Sunday prayer, this parish family will bless and honor your life on earth—and your new life in resurrection. We will also offer prayers at the time of your inurnment, or welcome representatives of other churches or faiths to do so.


4. Your niche will mark your life’s journey in a lovely, permanent way. The columbarium is an arrangement of niches—9-inch, wall-recessed compartments—that can hold two containers of adult cremated remains (no special urns are needed). Some niches are fronted with marble; some with beautiful Italian-glass mosaics. They depict Tahoe’s pines, mountains, and waters in greens, beiges, and sapphire blues—illustrating specific views around the lakeshore. For each niche, at no extra cost, we provide a bronze plaque to honor your name and time on this earth.


3. You choose! We make it easy to for you to take a look—and make a decision. Simply contact Bob Skidmore (775-831-6289; columbarium@tahoeepiscopal.org) to set an appointment to view the columbarium and a map of available niches. There’s no obligation! When you choose a niche, we request a check in full, or you may make quarterly payments for one year. When payments are complete, we’ll draw up a signed contract with the number of your niche, proof of your tax deduction, and a diagram of your plaque. Done!


2.  Niche prices vary—but each gives you a big tax benefit.  A substantial portion of each niche payment is counted as a tax-deductible donation to St. Patrick’s. Niches on the top and bottom rows are currently $2200 ($2044 tax deduction); those in other locations around the room, $3200 ($2944 tax deduction); and those with mosaics, $5000 ($4600 tax deduction).


1. Buying now helps you, your loved ones, and St. Patrick’s. If you know right now this is the best choice for you, please consider buying your niche now. Our parish honors you with a sacred resting place; you offer us financial support at a critical time in our journey. It’s a big win-win! Questions? Please contact Bob Skidmore; he’s always happy to help. Peace be with you!